To Blog or not to Blog!

I've always encouraged my husband, my best friend and cheerleader how important it is to blog!  10 years ago I helped him design a Wordpress blog page. He created a few posts over the years about the events he's planned. Now he has an Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook Page etc.  And yes it's a lot of work to keep everything up to date!

Social media rules our lives these days, blogging or bragging is now the norm. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or even Twitter. I've finally created a website and now face the decision of having a blog on my site.  I continue to post photo favorites from recent events throughout pages on my site, but this is very different than blogging and creating content to help promote my work for potential clients. Blogging is a diary of sorts to help keep you organized and create a photo story.  It's a reference to your previous work. You can follow the progress and improvements you make in your work with each successive post.  It's not just for other people to see, but as a learning tool tracking one's unique shooting style throughout the years. Also without a blog your site might not have enough content, since the photographer's work is a showcase for their imagry.

I belong to various photographic communities on Facebook, Google and Instagram and follow amazing photographers whose work continue to inspire.  Some photographers blog on their websites while others post their work for feedback and recognition within the communities they've joined.

Whether shooting as an event photographer, portrait photography, head shots, nature or street photography, instead of listing the geographic locations and venues you can write a story about each place you've had the pleasure of photographing.  I am writing this article to gain a better insight into the reasons and purpose of blogging not just for my website, but hopefully to help others decide their inspiration to blog as well!

In summary,  whether you choose to blog not just for everyone, but also for yourself, isn't it wonderful when Facebook shares a memory you haven't seen for some time?  If you blog on your website you can always come back to your work without being reminded by someone else.  If you're a professional photographer and have photographed at a particular venue, catering hall or travel destination it's always gratifying to review and reference the work you've previously captured.  By creating a post from a specific destination you may also be helping an aspiring photographer looking for both insight and inspiration for the very first time!  Your post may even assist a client in determining a location for their event by referencing your imagery and perhaps hiring you in turn by discovering your work!  And last but not least blogging will ultimately benefit your website SEO!

Have I inspired you to blog?  Why would you blog on your site?  Post comments below and happy blogging :)