Graduation Season Is In full Bloom

June is well known in our photography industry as Graduation Month!  So what's popular for a graduation?


A DJ is a must. Kids and teens love to be entertained!  For younger kids it's nice to have an MC.  They play games and organize contests to keep kids entertained. 

Extra Entertainment aka Photo Booth

A photobooth is an amazing addition to a Graduation party.  Kids love to take selfies as much as adults.  Popular photobooth choices are selfie open air photo booths, green screen superimposed photo booths for theme parties or custom step and repeat with logo of your school. It often depends on PTA and school budget. Occasionally as time permits a photobooth photographer can even snap a group shot if a dedicated event photographer is not in the budget.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Selfie Photo Booth

Add a Photo Booth to your Summer Wedding

Summer aka Wedding Season is very popular within our photography industry.  Summer dresses, fun cocktails and no coat check required! While everyone’s ready to party why not take a selfie photo with friends.  Photobooths are an instant gratification!  If it's a traditional photo booth with a photographer composing the shots you will get a nice printed memory.  If it's a selfie open air photo booth you can instantly share your photo digitally via text, email or even post to social media ie. Facebook, Twitter.  Classy wedding props are a nice addition to any wedding photobooth.  A photo is always a great memory and is a wonderful gift for your guests.  Share fun fabulous photos with our photobooths from your wedding day today, no need to wait!

A good photo booth can always be added last minute as well!  Check out our samples below!  Enjoy Summer and feel free to contact us for your next event!

Puerto Rican Day Parade followed by Bat Mitzvah Celebration @ Penn Club

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a Bat Mitzvah at Penn Club of New York City on 44th Street between 5th and 6th.  I was aware of a street closing and arrived super early, but the street was already closed.

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2018

Apparently 44th Street is where the Puerto Rican Day Parade floats were stationed prior to commencing its route along the busy streets of Manhattan.  I had a lot of time, so I grabbed my camera and went out to 44th Street!   The street was already filled with floats from Jetblue, Z100 and many other corporate sponsors and organizations.  This year the parade was especially important.  It brought awareness to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and how it affected this beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  So many people there remain with no power after 6 months from this natural disaster!


Bat Mitzvah Celebration @ Penn Club

Guests arrived close to 4PM.  After the cocktail hour a grand entrance was followed by a lot of dancing.  Girls usually dance more than boys. This celebration was no different, the Bat Mitzvah girl was a gymnast so there were lots of dance contests that ended up in hand stands and splits. Bat Mitzvahs typically have more speeches with dancing and Bar Mitzvahs more games. The only break kids and adults took from dancing was for a photo montage presentation, a fun Bat Mitzvah trivia contest and a few speeches. Our selfie photo booth was a huge hit, guests including adults and kids couldn't stay away from taking photo after photo.  They printed and used our social media station to share their photos with friends and family.



Jerry Laskin Enterprises rocked the house, DJ Jason played awesome music, MC Andre and Roe the additional break dancer motivator entertained guests with non stop dancing, line dances as well as playing the iconic Coke and Pepsi contest.  Kids absolutely loved them!

In Summary

I absolutely loved photographing Sydney along with all of her friends and family attending!  I also really enjoyed taking pictures at Penn Club! The Benjamin Franklin Room opens a lot of possibilities for creative shots!  Mazel Tov Sydney! 


Fun Food Truck Catering @ Trump National Golf Club

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a Bar Mitzvah at Trump National Golf Club. This is the second event I've photographed at this location for the same family. It was a beautiful day and we were very fortunate it didn't rain.

Food Truck Catering!

All catering was done outside on premises. There were 3 food trucks preparing the most delicious selections. One of the main food attractions was a genuine retired from service fire truck given a second life as Food Truck. It had a built in wood burning oven!  I repeat, an actual fire truck with flames burning inside? What a cool concept!  5 Alarm Pizza Company (@5alarmpizzacompany) runs this friendly neighborhood fire pizza truck.  It's hardly traditional food you see served at Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, but let's face it,  what 12 or 13 year old doesn't like pizza?  What grownup attending this event wouldn't jump at the chance of tasting a delicious fresh slice hot off the fire truck stove! My 10 year old would have pizza any day of the week if I only let him! They made various types of savory pizza including margarita pizza, white slices and later they served dessert pizzas with fruits and marshmallows as toppings. The line ran the length of a football field!  Guests including this event photographer and aspiring food critic absolutely loved it!

Ice Cream Food Truck

Later in the evening an ice cream truck pulled in that made ice cream sandwiches and cones with an abundance of tantalizing flavors!  And not to repeat myself, what kid or full grown guest doesn't like ice cream!  Did I mention for those grownups feeling a bit left out of this eating orgy there was even a barbecue truck serving pulled sandwiches and sliders.

Entertainment for Kids and Adults

Entertainment was amazing Jerry Laskin Enterprises  played non stop music with cool remixes. MC Gabriel and 3 dancers entertained kids and danced with adults. The theme of the party was "Graffiti" so an Old Fashioned Graffiti Wall provided by Jerry Laskin was a total hit! Guests really enjoyed spraying the wall.

Bar Mitzvah service was held by the outside patio on the second floor. Trump National Golf Club has breathtaking grounds which can be accessed by golf carts.  The waterfall is a great place to take family photos.  Andrew the Bar Mitzvah boy did a fabulous job during his service and then had a blast celebrating with all of his friends and family attending.

I was so happy to be a part of this amazing celebration. Mazel Tov Andrew!

Final thoughts, I think Food Truck Catering is an incredible addition to any party!  Don't forget to book a food truck for your next affair!  Do you think Food Trucks are fun?  Leave your comments below.

To Blog or not to Blog!

I've always encouraged my husband, my best friend and cheerleader how important it is to blog!  10 years ago I helped him design a Wordpress blog page. He created a few posts over the years about the events he's planned. Now he has an Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook Page etc.  And yes it's a lot of work to keep everything up to date!

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